Kajukembo Regulations To the students of Kajukembo 1- All the students must make the greeting before entering the training room and before leaving it. The school is an enclosure for learning. 2- You always have to show respect to the teacher. All the students will show respect to their superiors, higher belts and their classmates in the class, in competitions, seminars, etc. 3- Advanced students should not take advantage of the beginning students. In other words, do not use unnecessary hardness or excessive contact in training, we are here to learn, not to injure ourselves. 4- If a student wants to leave before finishing the class, he / she must notify the teacher. 5- No street shoes should be worn in the classroom for any reason. 6- The use of chewing gum, food or drinks will not be allowed at any time within the class. 7- No student will be allowed to train under the influence of alcohol or other substances. 8- You should not wear collars, bracelets, chains or any kind of adornments that could interfere with movements during training. 9- The nails of the fingers and toes should be cut and clean. 10- The uniform of our school is black. If you wear a shirt, it will be the same color. 11- Your belt is a symbol of wisdom received by the effort in learning KAJUKEMBO, treat it with respect. 12- No student can make exhibitions outside the class without having the permission of their teacher. 13- Any student caught stealing from school or other students will be expelled. 14- Every student must behave in such a way as not to leave the school in a bad place. Respect and be respected.




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